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We are delighted to announce that Southern Aquatics & Pets will now be ditributing our book Dogs Do What Works (at a much better deal than amazon!)

We met Gee & Wes quite some time ago to give a helping hand to everyone's favourite tripod Charlie the border terrier and we discovered that their brand is very much in line with our own ethics. (Besides, they always have terrific deals on live stock, food or accessories!)

Come and meet Charlie at Southern Aquatics & Pets or The Dog House Cafe ♥️

Gee & Wes both have read the book which helped them continue with the work we began together.
They said : ' Charlie the tri paw border terrier had some issue after loosing his leg and with thanks to FurAndFun's work we now have a balanced and happy dog!'

We are pleased to announce that the second issue of Smart Dog Collection is out!

All proceeds are used to fund the HEART initiative.

Head here to read
Smart Dog #2 (April 2024) PERFECT RECALL

If your dog comes back when he/she feels like it, or not at all, if the slightest distraction makes your dog forget your existence, then you definitely need to use professional, science-based methods. A Perfect Recall is just a few exercises away!

Of course, issue #1 (March 2024)"ADVANCED TRAINING STRATEGIES" is still available online and/or delivered.
The next issue (#3, May 2024) "ADOPTING & RESCUING" will be out around May 15th.
Have a look at the Smart Dog Collection page and leave us a review if you never did!

Vic & Frenchy

Q: Where are you based? Am I in your working area?
A: We are based in Bournemouth and will happily go in any BH postcode. We also serve routinely some DT and SO postcodes. We will consider any other locations nationwide but fees may apply - contact us to know more.
Q: Will The Consultation REALLY be automatically free? What is the catch?
A: Yes it will, it will be 100% credited on your first session. See Section I of this document. There is a couple of restrictions but no catch. The restrictions are : applies only in BH postcodes and some DT/SO postcodes. Limited to one consultation per household. That's about it. Ask for details here.
Q: What does the consultation look like?
A: The consultation will last, depending on the case, between 1 and 3 hours and will take place at your's. We'll have a chat, take the dog(s) out for a walk in a 'real life' situation and test the issue. From there we can have a better understanding of the root cause of the issue and we will give you our opinion on the best course of action. About half the time we can fix the issue on the spot - in which case all we ask in return is some good word of mouth !Request a Consultation here.
Q: What are your fees after the Free Consultation?
A: Our fees are public. We charge flat rates and you can get the full detail here.
Q: Do you do private training, One-on-One? I don't do well in groups.
A: We ONLY do private sessions, we do not do groups. If your specific case requires it, we may bring one or several dogs to your session but it will only be with you.
Q: Do you train my dog or me?
A: It depends. More often than not we train YOU to train your dog.This is known as DTI, Dog Training Instruction. We can also train your dog on your behalf. It really depends on your specific case and is a question that will be answered after the first consultation.
Q: Can you really fix my dog using ONLY Positive Reinforcement? My neighbour says I need to be the packleader and everything will be fixed.
A: Your neighbour is an imbecile. Put us to the test and make up your own mind.
Q: Can you teach me how to correctly use the E-collar and/or prong collars?
A: No. There is no 'correct' way and no excuse for using these barbaric devices. Besides, after working with thousands of dogs, we are still to see one case where it would be needed. We use only science-based, force-free methods. We are so sure of the science behind this statement that we happily and routinely put our money where our mouth is; Read about this here.
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